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A neat little thing.
The animation is nice. I appreciate the detail in how the various creatures move. The cult leader moves in little jerks like a bird, the tower one turns his head sideways to look through the periscope, etc.
The colour composition is also very nice and compliments the atmosphere very well, which is one of those things you often don't notice when it's done right because it blends in so naturally, but I can see a lot of work went into that.
I like the intro/outro music, it creates a harsh sort-of "dog eat dog" atmosphere, although the animation itself has a slightly more whimsical and silly tone than I feel the music implies. The background music feels very fitting, doesn't stand out too much but helps convey the tone of the scene, apart from the stork (?) eating scene.
As others have mentioned, the stork (?) eating scene stands out a bit with how abrupt it is and how out of place the music feels. It's obvious you were pressed for time, but for what it's worth I think you did alright with what you had. Other minor things would be that in some shots some things don't move at all, which feels like an oversight, and the tree trunk transition is a bit jarring due to the brightness gradient being weird, I think you left some extra frames in there.

All in all, solid effort. Did it do well in your assignment?

real modern art

Of all the things I could say, I think "trying too hard" is the most fitting and best delivers the message. This sort of, eh, "random" disjointed style of writing has been getting more popular for a number of years now (maybe because it requires low effort? Idk) and frankly I think it should have run it's course and died a while ago.
The animation (some of it at least) was pretty decent. I feel like there was a lot of wasted potential, I mean you can clearly animate, my question is why didn't you use your apparent skills to make something coherent?
Idunno, maybe I'm being too harsh, some of it was decent I guess. I'm guessing this accounts for a lot of practice, as the song says, everybody's got to learn.

sweetcommando responds:

Yea. I know what you're talking about. Writing is as pain and animating is a pain but I can get through one of those things without worrying too much. eh

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great game but...

...why oh god why would you not include a pause button? why?!!!
but otherwise it's good. challenging, can even get a bit frustrating at times.

i dont like it

the steerings are shit, no handling, when u fail the game is designed to get you frustrated, i dont have the patients for this crap!
just my opinion though nothing ill meant by this, good game though, just the handling is junk.

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This is possibly the weirdest, most uncomfortable thing I have ever listened to. It's the audio version of that eye-contact practice video. Fucking society man, Jesus.
Great work though, great performance.

eversnot responds:

I get what you mean, it’s one of those ay. At least you enjoyed the performance though!

Get your spurs on cowboy, this is meth country.


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Very cool. Colours lend it a nice sort of depth in some places, although in others it's lacking some. As someone else said, it could have used more separation between foreground and background.

Interesting. Feels like space, sort of nebula-like.

Very nice. I like how it flows.


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